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    Griffith fucked up whole world and now he will be acting as it’s savior.
    Tell me about irony.

    • Radovan Wolf

      The world getting fucked up was the wish of that one guy that rot away in a hole under the tower of conviction,remember?


        Yes but it was Griffith who caused it.

  • David Gibbons

    Yeah when you think Griffith is the one who plunged the world in a dark age.

    • Pyro Nagus

      And to think it all started by Guts leaving the band.

      • ChronoScale

        Well it actually all started by Griffith fucking the princess

        • Pyro Nagus

          Which was caused by Guts leaving him which was caused by Griffith running his mouth off when talking to Charlotte.

  • ivy

    It’s nice that the priest learned to be more tolerant 🙂 the troll face thing was sort of cute, though

  • Saration

    I can’t belive that Griffith who caused all this mess will be the good patron to the people…

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