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Berserk Episode 9.
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Episode 9 of the TV Anime Series Berserk

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    Zodd became babysitter and Griffith went gay with Charlotte…
    It couldn’t be worse.

  • Radovan Wolf

    Post-conviction Griffith doesn´t feel right.
    He somehow lacks the charisma of Golden age Griffith.

    • cake

      He’s too Mary Sue, that’s what.

      • Dubbed


    • ivy

      That’s true. Maybe it’s because he lost what little compassion he used to have, and now he’s just emotionless

    • Takeru

      He renounced his humanity and revealed his true form: intellectual enlightenment with the rejection of feeling. Asexuality, a stage of masochism / depression. Those are the attributes of the reincarnation of Lucifer.

    • JamarquesJohnson94_Portland

      Haha no man he’s twice as badass now.

  • Ayman N. El Kady

    he really didn’t need to cut Zodd’s horn off, he looks ridiculous.

    • Vegeta

      not a fan of unicorn Zodd ?

      • Ayman N. El Kady

        I know stereotypes are bullshit but.. I’m not gay if that’s what you are asking, lol.

        • Vegeta

          nah lol, I just reckon he looks like a buff brony now.

  • Aglas Decker

    3 days in reading this manga ^^/

  • ivy

    Griffith looks very feminine. If he had a smaller body, I would almost certainly mistake him for a woman

  • Pyro Nagus

    Hmmm…never seen anyone speak in favor of Griffith in the slightest here.
    Alright, let me be the first to say, were it not for his ultra-gay-ness, I have weird form of respect for him.
    I know, I know but listen…He found a goal to fight for as a kid… and let nothing stop him from achieving it. The way I see it, his sacrifices were indeed dear to him. But in the end he chose his mission above all else… he chose to be machiavellian, hench this shitshow.
    You won’t see me rooting for him but for that at least he has my respect.

    • JamarquesJohnson94_Portland

      Haha ultra gay or not Griffith is a badass motherf____r. That Princess rescue mission with Zodd was amazing.

    • El ViejoHG

      Raping casca wasn’t really necessary haha

      • Pyro Nagus

        No, it was completely unnecessary. But probably natural for him. He was locked up and tortured for a year. Somewhere down the line his mind broke and he blamed guts for his predicament and when he was finally free, he released his pent up frustration. Since he was going to be sacrificed anyway, Griffith probably thought it didn’t matter what he did to him. He just needed to avenge himself to feel at ease. The rape probably wasn’t even about Casca, it was just between him and guts.

        • Alexandre Costa

          stop justifying. there are no excuses for that.

          • Pyro Nagus

            If by justifying you mean “Oh poor Griffy, you were tortured! Here ya go *pushes Casca*. Rape her until you feel better. You deserve it!” Then no, I’m not justifying that; Only saying I’m not surprised if he loses his mind after what happened and rapes her. Anon of the above tried to apply morals onto an amoral scenario and El ViejoHG tried to apply practicality onto emotions. Of course the rape wasn’t a necessary part of a bigger plan. If he was professional about it (Which is unnatural for a frustrated and vengeful psycho) Guts and Casca would have been sacrificed and dead like the rest of the band.

          • Aristos

            He was explaining his intentions. That’s not the same thing as justifying. Learn the meaning of the word before you accuse someone of something as serious as justifying rape.

      • Sergio Soto Iraola

        It was, he used the demon baby as a vessel to be reborn into the physical world.

    • anon of the above

      Are u proud of that? Cuz u shouldn’t be. Anything respectable about Griffith came from his knowing Guts…the rest is selfishness…respect and fear are very close…but I think u hide your fear in a guise of respect…while the rest of us plainly don’t align ourselves hence, no respect.. You say more than you think when you open your mouth…I don’t want to know what kind of person you are but your sharing it too much so I can’t help but dislike you. Who fucking cares if you respect him..if being contrary makes you feel big cool, but to me ur just a “that guy” type. Bold maybe but narcissistic which is probably why you’ve an affinity for Griffith.

      • Pyro Nagus

        Proud of what? Being empathetic? A little. But it’s not a question of pride for me, rather a passion for understanding humanity and humanity’s dark side that everyone pretends to think doesn’t exist. But most importantly, I don’t see look down on villains and see disgusting subhuman parasites like some people do, rather I see a human with a dark and interesting past.

        Fear is irrelevant. I see it as respectful rivalry. Like how Azan respected Guts the first time he saw him even though he suspected that he was a ‘bad person’.

        I know exactly what comes out of my mouth and can predict how it can anger the masses. I’m not concerned about keeping up a good appearance. I’m not a fucking girl, lol. My comment history has juicier stuff than this. If this disgusts you, turn away.

        I looked at a checklist of narcissistic behaviours and, believe it or not, I’m not a narcissist, just a plain asshole.

  • Saration

    Oh and now Griffith turned into a Marry Poppins like charakter XD

    • Kevin1214

      a spoonful of RAPE

  • Serg

    GUYS! That monster thing with the huge mouth about middle of this chapter is the MF that bit Guts’ arm off!!! Oh yah and that rescue was tits.

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