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Berserk Episode 7

Berserk Episode 7.
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Episode 7 of the TV Anime Series Berserk

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  • Draco Magnius

    So I just happened to notice this, but Gutz’s ears are slightly pointed and his teeth seem just a little sharper, well at least the canines anyway, perhaps I’m overthinking this, but is Gutz part demon or something?

    • 770megaman

      In the manga that’s how he looks sometimes.

  • Chris Groom

    Casca is such a shit character


    Damn Griffith tired to bang Casca, boy is horny.

    • Nate Lewis

      lol virgin

    • Wood servers burned down

      He fell on her so that she would feel sympathy for him and not leave with Guts, he really was a monster before being broken.

  • Onigiri-chan🍙

    All because he did that charlotte girl !

    • nadinucca

      What it all part of his master plan…? Mwahahaha.

  • toosmoothtodd

    beserk is one of the only animes i know of where voices r good in both subbed and dubbed versions

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