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Berserk Episode 7.
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Episode 7 of the TV Anime Series Berserk

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    Skull knight also wanted to see sea.

  • Radovan Wolf

    I hope Miura incorporates more of these cycle-like happenings

  • nadinucca

    I really hope Casca gets her sanity back sometimes soon because all her “ooos” and “aaaas” are driving me crazy.

    • Vegeta

      it was kind of funny when she was licking plates earlier, when farneze was asking to be a witch.

  • David Gibbons

    I think that Casca will hate hate Guts when she get her mind back. Just because Gut’s life is shit, and always will be.

    • cake

      Also, he almost raped her twice.

    • Always been an unhappy woman, don’t forget. First intercourse with the not fully black swordsman, she throws herself to die in a waterfall. Oops, memory returning, that was before, but she was still an unhappy bitch even after. That’s Guts Life.

  • ivy

    I really hope it works and Casca returns to normal

  • Takeru

    The perspective of seeing Casca healthy again hits me right in the feels.

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