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Berserk Episode 6.
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Episode 6 of the TV Anime Series Berserk

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    Lol Guts come on don’t be so stupid…
    It’s obvious as hell that this is your child.
    It isn’t black like Casca so you should be happy.
    But come to think of it maybe it isn’t black cuz it’s Griffith and yours LOL.

    • Radovan Wolf

      Except tha the failed abortion thingy was made into Griffith´s new body.


        Yes physical body was indeed made into Griffith body.
        But don’t forget that astral body of this child is intact and that is also reason why he is only showing himself while is full moon.

    • nadinucca

      That image of the three of them is just so sad. ;_; What could have been… but is not.
      Oh, and that pixie (what’s her name?) really ships Shierke-Guts, lol!


        Yeah rip their family life [*]
        And her name is Ivalera.

    • David Gibbons

      Wtf. What did I tell you about the birds, and the bees!

    • ivy

      I was thinking that as well, but I wonder why he changed in form from a demon to a regular looking child


        Because Griffith took away his demonic form.

        • Saration

          correct me if i am wrong but didnt the “living behelit abomanation thingy” at the tower of conviction devoured the demon child? why is it back?

          • PERMABANNED – WEST 29 LVL

            It indeed did but only it’s physical form. Don’t forget that in Berserk are two worlds – physical and astral. Griffith used physical body of this child to resurrect himself but astral body of this child is intact. That is why he can only show up during full moon because magic is the strongest then.
            I think it’s possibility that after Casca will learn that Griffith took away her child she could possibly want to bring it back by taking down Griffith. It’s only a bet but it would be good reason for her to want Griffith death.

          • Saration

            Ok now u explained it it is almost obvious! Thanks!

          • Adonai Valdez

            Besides, you know, the rape… But you make a good point!

      • Gato Magico

        te bird breakes the egg, the egg is the world, the bird breakes the world

    • Dubbed

      “It isn’t black like Casca so you should be happy.”

      Maybe you should word that differently. To me that comes off as, “Since your child came out not black, you should be happy because black is a terrible thing to be.”


        Come on don’t take most of my comments seriously.

  • Pyro Nagus

    That was so cute. These quiet moments are so precious.

  • Griffith

    Once Casca regains her memory…oh seems it will be painfull for Guts T_T

  • Serg

    Yah once Casca regains her memories, that’s it, child support and alimony.

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