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Berserk Episode 5

Berserk Episode 5.
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Episode 5 of the TV Anime Series Berserk

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    And it would never have happened if Guts wouldn’t touch Griffith.
    Griffith gay nature is powerful weapon.

  • nadinucca

    I’m still a bit stumped by Griffith’s thoughts here. Is he willing Guts not to touch him because he doesn’t want to hurt his friend? Or is it because he thinks Guts might mess up the transformation? Is he worried about Guts’s safety or his own?

    • The Real Tobi (Cana)

      Best explanation I’ve found

      “Stay away… Stay away!!!”

      And there he was, the reason for this whole mess as far as Griffith was concerned. The one who with a single gesture could melt his heart or drive him mad. The one who abandoned him and left him to rot in prison for year, and now came back to do it all over again. The one person he could not let himself be near, and the one person who, despite all this, he could not let go. To make matters worse, Guts had all the Hawks on his tail. Griffith couldn’t bear to face them right now, he just couldn’t!

      “If you touch me now… If you put your arm on my shoulder now… I’ll never… I’ll never!!…”

      He knew he was highly unstable, that the slightest touch could send him over the edge, but Guts was stubborn, and the fact that Griffith couldn’t speak didn’t help. And then, that final warning before everything went to Hell:

      “I’ll never be able to (forgive) you again.” (forgive) is the implied word left out of the fragmented sentence spoken by Griffith, translated as “(I) will never again …. you”

      Forgive what? Forgive Guts for leaving? “Again”?? Would that mean that the first time Griffith forgave Guts was during the reunion in the dungeon? But I guess Griffith had his limits. He would not tolerate his heart being broken twice. The Behelit wept tears of blood and uttered an unearthly scream that plunged everyone in the immediate vicinity into another plane of existence.

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