Berserk Episode 3 English Dubbed

Berserk Episode 3.
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Episode 3 of the TV Anime Series Berserk

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  • CJL420


    • Shreker

      Don’t worry, it gets even better after episode 6, and after episode 10 I don’t know who wouldn’t be binge watching this.


    No pls don’t draw him back it looks cool.

  • cake

    “Oh shit, there it is” was exactly what we all were thinking.

  • sentient_potato

    i just kind of jumped here from the anime because i heard the manga was better but i dont remember the little black haired girl who is she

    • somahiro

      Ppl say it’s the ugly fetus

      • sentient_potato

        yeah at this point i read the manga i know what it is now kind of its guts and cascas child spirit manifestation while Griffith used its real body for his rebirth

        • Aristos

          Why the fuck would you post a spoiler like that?

          • sentient_potato

            its not a spoiler re read the manga and actually pay attention

          • Aristos

            No, Griffith used the egg shaped apostle to be reborn. It’s not for certain yet that the black haired girl is their kid, you confirming that based on later chapters is just being douchey

          • Serg

            It’s a boy. O_O

  • Serg

    Bad ass mode activate!. *helmet slide* *roar*

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