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Berserk Episode 25

Berserk Episode 25.
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Episode 25 of the TV Anime Series Berserk

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  • Sabeji

    Fuck Griffith!

  • tadashi

    yo this ep scarred me 4 life

    • Mark Curry

      Shout out to Griffith, the guy that sacrificed the people that loved him for his goals.

      • Pieluver

        He deserves no respect. He is selfish, gullible and pathetic. He was lied and tricked to believe that he will attain his goal if he sacrifices all of the people around him, believing that people die on the road, when in fact these people did not need to die, and he would not have attained his goal of having his own kingdom if he does perform the sacrifice.

        He is in a paranoid and psychotic state, and he does not think logically. I feel sorry for him, but fuck him and for what he has done to his fellow comrades.

        • Maskedwolf

          I agree But also he committed the ultimate betrayal Griffith deserves death


    Griffith knows how to party hard.

    • Thorin Oakenshield

      He forgot to eat properly about a yeah though and what good party is without a junk food. huh?


        With LSD or acid XD

        • Thorin Oakenshield

          It’s quite an outstanding party then :))

  • That blacksmith at the end “Don’t get yourself kill”, now I get that reference.

  • Sephora

    …I need some bleach.

  • Adam Blaze

    The foreshadowing! THE FORESHADOWING

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