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Berserk Episode 21

Berserk Episode 21.
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Episode 21 of the TV Anime Series Berserk

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  • Draco Magnius

    Giffith suffered the same problem Bill Clinton did. He couldn’t keep his dick in his pants and it cost him everything. Only for Griffith his problem turned out much, much worse.


    Smart boy.

    • First time reading berserk?


        Nope, third.

        • Reuben Welsh

          Loving the commentery of each chapter

      • Thorin Oakenshield

        I think most of the people reading Berserk not in the first time. All the first timers are quite old already I think 🙂 Novadays Berserk is not so popular as it was in 2000th sadly. It’s a rare case to meet a guy reeding this mang in the first time in his life 🙂 You know it’ll be the second time at least…

        • starboy34tcoos

          Started reading it yesterday

          • Thorin Oakenshield

            I see 🙂 Well. good luck then and have fun!

        • dr34mf0x

          My first time but it’s been spoiled. Don’t care, still having a great time.

  • ivy

    judeau is great, he thinks fast

  • nadinucca

    Ug, so much fighting to save Griffith’s sorry ass. Ug, ug, ug. Guys, you really shouldn’t be putting so much effort into him. REALLY.

    • Thorin Oakenshield

      Yeah, it’s so sad.

  • Adam Blaze


  • dr34mf0x

    Gee wow, Judeau sure is a good sweet boy, I can’t wait to see what he’s up to in chapter 200. I hope he finds a nice place to settle down with two and a half kids a beautiful wife to grow old with and a lovely farmstead where he has not a care in the world but to tend to the earth and be at peace with the birds and all the friendly animals

    • Sergio Soto Iraola

      HAHAHA wow.

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