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Berserk Episode 15

Berserk Episode 15.
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You are watching Berserk Episode 15.
Episode 15 of the TV Anime Series Berserk

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    He looks like Nunu from League of Legends.

  • ivy

    The last line was almost funny lol

  • Thorin Oakenshield

    I seriously don’t like this chapters….too cliche even though this manga was one of the first ;(

    • bored’n’bagged

      Yeah this is the weakest chapter. I guess the manga was due some slaying in between the character development/Griffith rescue chapters but this whole Wyald section is too boring seinen rape/gore.

      • Thorin Oakenshield

        Yes, this is exactly what I thought!

  • dr34mf0x

    I’m gonna be the one to say it, Wyald’s character design is not that great. He’s got a big vagina on his stomach, and the original form is sticking out of the top like the fucking mighty morphin power rangers as conceived by David Cronenberg. Muira, you’re better than this.

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