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Berserk Episode 14.
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Episode 14 of the TV Anime Series Berserk

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    Princess being still alive is good news…
    I don’t think so.

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    • Saration

      I’m certain Griffith will “make her his wife” to build his kingdom… Narcistic Bastard…

  • ivy

    Was that…Minister Foss? The one who conspired with the Queen to kill Griffith, back in the Golden Age Arc? (come to think of it, right now, I wish he succeeded…)

    These monsters and demons running around is the fault of Griffith, since he becoming the fifth demon king messed the fabric of reality. If I understood it correctly

    • Balint Szabo

      it basically merged all the layers together.

    • Pyro Nagus

      Which was caused by Gutts leaving the band, which was caused by Griffith running his mouth off…which was caused by…

  • YatoNation

    i want the princess to perish with griffith

  • Serg

    Ok guys. Griffitsu is an a-hole but as far as him vs kushan, I am rooting for him.

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