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Berserk Episode 13.
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Episode 13 of the TV Anime Series Berserk

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    You know I never would have thought that famale can went gay for male but… Charlotte did it somehow.

    • Sonimarioboom

      Nothing in that sentence made sense.

    • Serg

      Yet it is accurate. Hmmm…

  • Radovan Wolf

    >Ganishka tries to cuck Griffith
    >Gets turned into fucking Yggdrassil

    • cake

      fuck, I read it

  • ivy

    I’m glad to see Silat and his clan again. The emperor is terrible, though :/

  • mynamechef

    Everyone complaining about the bad guys being bad guys, are you from Africa cause Kenya not?

  • Saration

    Oh who would have guessed… it was just about Rapetime ^^’

    • sentient_potato

      good heavens look at the time

  • Druffy Spinkilingus

    So….is the emperor an apsostle?

  • Serg

    I am developing a mathematical model to predict rape time in this manga.

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